Ruffo brand has based its roots on ancient family traditions of leather manufacturing since 1966.
The high skills and the growing experience of the people working on this project guarantee a top quality product which is the highest expression of craftmenship and becomes an authentic expression of made in Italy
The new Men’s and Women’s Ruffo Collections are for refined people looking for a contemporary product in terms of volumes and materials research.
Ruffo is a “non classic” collection embracing the needs of a constantly evolving lifestyle


C.G STUDIO SRL was founded during the sixties by Marisa and Ruffo Corsi; under their guide and management the company became a Leader in fashion and leather garments.

The new family generation inherited during the eighties their know how and confirmed it until today
Ruffo Brand has a high historical value but it is also invested with a great affective role for the family.


Many sections are operating in the company , starting from the product and style office through the pattern and sampling department which work closely together with the material research team, to the warehouse and logistics.


è un marchio prodotto e distribuito da CGstudio srl

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